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Intentional Coaching Communities (ICC)© are a combination of three critical elements that help participants translate learning into practice: 
    ❤ Virtual teaching and learning in a small established                      cohort offering peer support and opportunities for                        scaffolding and collaboration.
    ❤ One-on-one coaching sessions with experienced                          mentors customized for each participant’s situation,                  priorities, and personal goals.
    ❤ Innovative administrative tools and pedagogical                           frameworks developed specifically for child care & early           learning by experienced early childhood professionals.

ICCs are offered to individuals and groups in aligned sets of seven-week sessions on a particular topic that invite participants to choose their starting point and pace. Topics are developed to cultivate effective administration and promote engaging pedagogy in early care and education.

Engaging Pedagogy

Heart of a Child is developing Intentional Coaching Communities to enrich pedagogy in early care and education programs. We look forward to offering Marking Time, our nature-based ECE curriculum framework series in summer 2022. Look for seven week ICCs on other topics and strategies for enhancing intentional, engaging teaching and learning in ECE programs. 

Effective Administration

Our Starting or Expanding a Child Care Business series is a set of four Intentional Coaching Communities, spanning 33 weeks in total, that will guide you from vision to reality. We’ll help you craft a Business Plan that will guide your journey and provide valuable data to support your acquisition of funding and licensure for your program. Each ICC will last for 7 weeks, and you’ll be part of a cohort of other entrepreneurs working towards similar goals. Weekly meetings will alternate between cohort classes, where you work with coaches and your peers, and coaching sessions where you meet one-on-one with your coach to customize the learning to your business

Intentional Coaching Communities

Starting and Expanding a Child Care Business
(four-session ICC series)
launching in spring 2022

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