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Heart of a Child advances positive change in the early childhood landscape, increases evidence informed innovation in policy and practice, and promotes expansion of high quality services in early care and learning and early childhood integrated systems.


Heart of a Child provides project management for clients seeking
to expand the supply of sustainable high-quality early care and learning. We provide skilled facilitation in planning, creative solutions based on best practice in the field, financing, facility design, and program development. We are experienced in navigating collaboration among multiple partners with a common goal, balancing priorities and flexibly managing whatever it takes to bring a project to fruition.


Heart of a Child has developed distinctive relationship-based professional development experiences for administrators and educators in ECE. Our model is based on evidence about effective adult learning. Intentional Coaching Communities (ICC)© offer meaningful content, adaptable tools developed specifically for ECE, individualized attention, support for reflective practice, and connections to other EC professionals. The ICC experience provides the attention, intensity, and personalization of consultation at an accessible cost for programs and practitioners.
Heart of a Child Intentional Coaching Communities are designed to cultivate effective administration and promote engaging pedagogy to realize that essential equation for sustaining early care and learning programs that are developmentally beneficial for children and strengthen families.


Heart of a Child provides consultation services aligned with our mission.
Areas of expertise include starting or expanding a child care business, increasing access to affordable, high-quality childcare, systems assessment and improvement, and achieving and sustaining excellence in administration and pedagogy for ECE center-based programs.
We offer specially priced consultation packages and customized proposals responsive to a client’s specific needs and goals.

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